Read how MochaTicket can help your team be more efficient.

Hosting Company

A large hosting company handling close to 1,000 tickets per day utilizes MochaTicket to allow its agents to most efficiently handle the complete Sales, Support, Customer Service and Order processing systems.

By taking advantage of the Auto Suggest feature (ie, pulling solutions from the wiki), customers receive possible solutions to their problems without having to actually submit a ticket.

Metal Sales Company

Metal sales company with offices in several states, utilizes MochaTicket to keep its customers orders fulfilled timely. Before MochaTicket, orders would get delayed because they were handled by a specific salesperson. Now this salesperson can still handle the process, but if this customer confirms the order and needs it right away (instead of when the sales person returns from vacation for example), another Agent will be able to process the order and keep the company happy. Additionally, with multiple office locations, due to weather events, certain locations have had to close for a day or two. With MochaTicket, Agents at the other locations are able to keep the orders processed timely.

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