- The History

Developed initially for, and still used by, a large hosting company.

A large hosting company was utilzing a ticketing system that had become counter-productive in its use. After reviewing over a dozen help desk/support ticket systems, it was clear there was nothing available that would allow the numerous staff to be as efficient and productive as possible.

So... a decision was made to have a custom ticketing system developed. The system has been developed from the ground up with speed and agent efficiency in mind. While the history of MochaTicket is relatively short, its foundation is solid.

After several months of extensive beta testing, and then several more months of extensive live usage, it became clear this was an awesome ticketing system that should be made available to others. One Agent using MochaTicket stated "I have used numerous ticketing systems, and MochaTicket is by far the most intuitive ticketing system I have ever used."

We know you will appreciate the features, efficiency and productivity that MochaTicket will allow your staff to be more productive.

You will rarely need support. However, when you do...
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How to efficiently and productivly allow staff to process their customer service issues, orders and internal needs effectively.
Utilizing the resources of many years in the software industry combined with input from numerous Agents, MochaTicket was designed to allow the best work flow for any organization. Agents understand what they need to be efficient and productive. That is why we list to the Agents input prior to, during and after the release of MochaTicket.