July 11, 2013 Update (key items added since previous update)

Added Contact Us form integration
Your contact form(s) can submit tickets directly to the ticket system
Added dynamic fields
Ability to add custom fields and field types (text, checkbox)
Ability to make custom field internal only or customer facing
Added Auto Reply
Ability to set Auto Reply on per department basis
Ability to customize each department auto reply
Added Right Click menu to ticket queue
Ability to more easily manage ticket functions
More Reporting features
Added queue stats and ticket activity reports
Added HTML replies by agent
Agents can add HTML formatting to a ticket reply if needed.
Added Take Ticket option
Ability for an agent to request a ticket from another agent
Other agent can approve, deny, or if no reply, ticket will transfer after given time
Added Auto Reply rate limiter
Prevents an email loop from occurring

April 6, 2013 Update

Remote/Mobile replies
Handle a ticket via email on mobile device without logging in
Ability to keep ticket Active, set to Waiting, or Transfer ticket
Agent notification on new tickets
Ability to set a department to notify the agents of a new ticket. Useful for unmonitored Departments.
Improved ticket preview and comment display
Ability to pin (keep open) a preview or comment now.
You will rarely need support. However, when you do...
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Actively developed
MochaTicket is actively developed implementing suggestions and feedback from an array of Agents.
New features weekly
New features are automatically pushed to production after extensive testing. Nothing for you to install. Simple. Efficient. Productive.